Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Mom, Why Are You So Fat?"

Oh Lord. My son's innocent question felt like a sucker punch in my zaftig stomach. Only I knew that, unlike adults or teenagers who have hurt me in the past, he had absolutely no idea that those words could hurt my feelings. He was just geniunely confused about why my biceps have the circumference of a Progresso Soup can.

I decided to go the honest route. I matter of factly answered him with "Because Mommy made a lot of bad decisions." I tried my best  not to put any emotion into it, but reminded him that there are consequences to the choices we make.  As a recovered bulimic and recovering compulsive eater, I know that there is a fine line to dance between teaching kids the importance of eating right and pushing them towards a future eating disorder.

I'm all out of  answers tonight, but wanted to share this story because it felt so universal. I'm sure similar episodes have played out in other American households. How did you handle it?