About Me

Where are the rehab centers for the poor, suffering brownie addicts?

I am a 40 year old woman who has struggled with weight issues since the fourth grade.  I have no use for diet books written by a naturally skinny person who says "just follow this menu plan and drop 30 pounds!"  What I really find helpful is a formerly overweight person explaining  how they retrained their brain to make healthy choices automatically.

I also think it's misleading when fitness magazines publish Success Stories that read like this..."She was 75 pounds overweight for most of her life, but then one day she realized she was supposed to be eating chicken, fish and vegetables instead of fried food and chocolate!" Where is the part where she learned HOW to control the habits that got her in that position in the first place? It's the HOW to change that's the hardest part.
In this blog, I will share all of the mental tricks I learn along my way to a healthier lifestyle. And I hope to make this a place where we can all share information and help each other become stronger and healthier, one good decision at a time.

Want a more detailed intro? Check out my very first post. It explains why I'm probably alot like you!