Thursday, December 29, 2011

There's a reason why we call it "TMI"

Yes, I am alive and have not taken up residence at the bottom of a bowl of raw cake batter.  I apologize for falling into the abyss and disappearing. Thank you to those who have asked "Whatever happened to that blog you were writing?" It truly means alot to me that you are actually interested in my little "Diary of a Brownie Addict".

Honestly, I disappeared for a ridiculous reason.  I became embarrased, feeling like I shared a bit too much personal information (yes, I DO realize it's a blog.) It sounds backwards, but I have no problem sharing personal info in the interest of helping random strangers, but since many of you actually know me in real life I caught a bad case of stage fright. I think I'm officially over it now. From now on I will just picture you all in your underwear and the show will go on.


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